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PU Pipes

PU pipes are adaptable and strong parts used in a variety of industries and applications to carry fluids. The synthetic material used to create these pipes, polyurethane, is renowned for its excellent flexibility, hardness, and resilience to chemicals and abrasion. PU pipes have a low friction loss, efficient fluid transmission, and the ability to sustain high pressure. To support a range of flow rates and operating pressures, they come in varied diameters and thicknesses. These pipes' outstanding flow characteristics are guaranteed by their smooth inner surface, which also minimizes pressure drops and improves system performance.

PU Pipes

  • Product Type:pu pipres
  • Color:Multicolor
  • Length:100 Meter (m)
  • Material:polumar
  • Temperature:16 Celsius (oC)
  • Working Presssure:10 kg
Price: 25.00 INR

SS PU Connector

  • Weight:50 Grams (g)
  • Usage:Pipe fittings
  • Color:Silver
  • Product Type:Connector
  • Application:Industrial
  • Material:SS
Price: 30.00 INR

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